On Care and Transformation: 2020 Annual Report

Like trees growing surely and steadily in a forest, the movements Astraea supports have been laying their foundations, strengthening their roots, and planting new seeds for years. Our 2020 Annual Report is a celebration of care and its ability to transform. Our movements have shown us time and time again that when we act collectively and from a place of deep care, we not only keep the forest alive, we support it to grow and to thrive.

Technologies For Liberation: Toward Abolitionist Futures

Technologies for Liberation: Toward Abolitionist Futures explores the disproportionate impacts of mass criminalization and surveillance technologies on QT2SBIPOC communities. It amplifies the bold, intersectional, community-centered movement interventions, technologies, and responses that organizers from within these communities are employing to create safer, more joyful, and more just societies.

Annual Report 2019

It takes an ecosystem to create lasting change, to build thriving, connected, resilient communities, to fight for the liberation we know is possible. In 2019, Astraea began to imagine what our most ideal ecosystem would look like, in order to continue building and shifting power to our movements. We are at a pivotal time at Astraea, and we are taking the time to pivot so that we can thrive.

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