In 2017, Astraea announced the new Acey Social Justice Feminist Award and celebrated our inaugural honorees: Reverend Gale Jones, Angela Bowen, Ali Marrero-Calderon, and Eleanor Palacios. The Acey Award honors lesbian and trans women of color over the age of 62 who have made significant but under-recognized contributions to our movements and often have unmet financial needs as they age. Named after and created in honor of Astraea’s Executive Director Emerita Katherine Acey, who led Astraea for 23 years and who is now leading conversations about aging and activism as well as about building multigenerational relationships within and across movements, the Award calls attention to the need for greatly increased community support for our LGBTQ elders. Read more about the inaugural Acey Award awardee, Reverend Gale Jones, and our other Acey Award honorees, including Black lesbian feminist and prima ballerina Angela Bowen, San Francisco Pride mastermind Ali Marrero-Calderon, and Latinx activist Eleanor Palacios below.

The Acey Award Nominating Committee consisted of Mandy Carter, Miles Goff, Jewelle Gomez, Vega Subramaniam, Olga Talamante, and Katherine Acey; read more about the Committee here.