Winnie Shen

Winnie Shen joins Astraea with a background in tenant organizing and experience working in New York State government. A believer of the importance of language justice and the necessity for public resources to be readily accessible, she volunteers in her community as a Chinese translator and interpreter. She graduated CUNY Hunter College with Bachelors in Political Science and Chinese and is pursuing a Master of Urban Planning at New York University. In her spare time, she likes to explore open data sets and to see what stories can be told from them. 

Yeleen Lee

Bio: Yeleen joins Astraea’s Programs team with a background in organizing Asian immigrant communities in New York City for housing justice and language access. After completing her organizing fellowship at CAAAV, she joined their fundraising committee where she developed an interest in grassroots fundraising and radical resource mobilization. Prior to Astraea, Yeleen fundraised for GrubStreet, an arts non-profit based in Boston. As a queer North Carolinian at heart, Yeleen is excited to support Astraea’s grantmaking for US-based LBT movements, especially those rooted in the South. In her spare time, she creates zines about gas stations and family, bakes and cooks things, and helps run on Instagram, a page for translating resources to advance Black liberation from English to Korean.

Mikail Khan

Mikail is a transmasculine & non-binary Muslim media maker, writer & curator from Bangladesh who invests their care and energy into advocating for trans and gender-expansive youth and communities of color.  They work within the field of philanthropic communications and development and their creative and activism work is driven by interrogations on gender, queerness, geography and religion. Mikail is also the creator of Moving Genders NYC, a film festival that showcases works by qtpoc filmmakers, and an organizer with several NYC-based grassroots groups. Their hobbies include reading liberatory books,  trying out new cooking recipes and breaking the gender binary.

Luan Pertl

Luan Pertl (no pronoun) is the Finance & Administration Officer of OII Europe. Luan worked for 20 years as finance manager and international value added tax expert in an international company group. After that Luan started working for Diakonie Flüchtlingsdienst (Diakonie Refugee Service) in 2016.

In November 2018 Luan started to work for OII Europe. As an intersex person and intersex human rights defender it was an important step for Luan to support the intersex community with Luan’s professional experience. Luan is member of VIMÖ/OII Austria and Co-Chair of Platform Intersex Austria. Luan is a national and international human rights activist since 20 years, an experienced workshop presenter on national and international level for intersex issues, peer-counselor for intersex people, counselor for parents and family members of intersex people.

Crystal Hendricks

Crystal is currently involved in various intersex related activities in South Africa. She serves as the Chairperson of Intersex South Africa. As a Black Intersex person, Crystal believes it is essential that the voices of intersex people be heard, and works to ensure that intersex people themselves are centered in conversations and decisions on issues that have a direct impact on their lived experiences. Crystal was part of a group of Intersex Activist that in 2017 took Intersex South Africa (ISSA) out of its dormancy. Crystal is a passionate community servant with the ability to motivate and inspire individuals in identifying their potential to continue and share this passion to serve others.

Tony Briffa

Tony Briffa (she/her/they/them) is an Executive Director of Intersex Human Rights Australia and Vice President of Intersex Peer Support Australia. She is also the Chair of the ILGA World Intersex Committee. Tony has been a public intersex activist for over 20 years and worked internationally for most of that time. Tony is also a former Mayor in Melbourne, Australia, and a current third term elected city Councillor.

Tony has Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome which was identified at birth. Tony was subjected to non-consensual and deferrable surgical and hormonal interventions by doctors at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne when she was an infant and child, in addition to being lied to as an adult by her treating Endocrinologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. Tony is a strong advocate on the human rights of children with intersex variations and believes non-consensual surgeries and hormone treatment on children that are deferrable should be held off until the child can decide for themselves what they want for their own bodies.

Tony is also one of the authors of key international intersex statements such as the Darlington Statement (2017) and the Malta Declaration (2013).”

Bria Brown

Bria (they/she) identifies as a queer, intersex, masculine presenting black person. Bria works as the Program Coordinator for InterACT, a national intersex advocacy organization that aims to protect intersex youth from harmful practices by advocating for policy changes. Bria started doing intersex advocacy work as a youth member with interACT where they published articles for the ACLU, TeenVogue, and Them Magazine. They were also the first out intersex person to speak about intersex related issues on the steps of the Supreme Court. Bria is passionate about raising awareness for intersex justice as well as racial justice. They hope to inspire other intersex people of color. They earned their Masters in Nonprofit Management/Philanthropy from Bay Path University.