Meet our grantee partner, Trans-Fuzja!

Published on Dec 11, 2017

An interview with Wiktor Dynarski, former Executive Director of Polish organization Trans-Fuzja, about trans organizing in Poland and what it’s meant to be an Astraea grantee partner.

Founded in 2008, the Trans-Fuzja Foundation began as a community initiative offering peer counseling and community building activities. In the past eight years, it has grown remarkably to take on ambitious campaigns towards the achievement of legal, social, health and human rights of the full spectrum of transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse people in Poland. In 2015, their campaign to pass a comprehensive Gender Recognition Law reached a remarkable high when it was approved by the Polish Parliament, but it was unfortunately vetoed by the President. Despite this eventual defeat and the post-election conservative swing in government, Trans Fuzja continues to find innovative case-by-base avenues to make the process of legal gender recognition and access to healthcare less cumbersome for trans people.

In the video above, Wiktor Dynarksi, Trans-Fuzja’s former Executive Director, shares more about the organization’s work and what it’s meant to receive support from Astraea.

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