Organisation Intersex International Germany (OII Germany)

OII Germany was founded in 2008 to work on ending non-consensual, medically unnecessary and cosmetic interventions forced on intersex children and adults, and to ensure human rights for intersex persons, such as bodily integrity and self-determination.

OII Deutschland was founded in 2008 and is now starting to build a more sustainable structure with its first parttime hirings. They were strongly involved in advocating for the new German government draft legal ban of intersex surgeries, even though the result is underwhelming, due to the influence of patient/parentsoriented groups and medical gatekeepers. Beyond this advocacy work, they also engage in awarenessraising through trainings, such as workshops for teachers on intersex pupils, or workshops for pedagogues and professionals. They also participated in a conference from the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth to inform representatives of German welfare organisations about intersex human rights, as well as a work with the Robert Koch Institut to publish an article on the health of LGBTI people. They are also working with the Institute of Foreign Affairs.

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