Event Welcoming Bob and Honoring Katherine a Heartwarming Success

Published on Apr 12, 2011

On Saturday, April 9th, nearly 200 people gathered at Deity in Brooklyn to welcome Astraea’s new Executive Director, J. Bob Alotta, and to honor former Executive Director Katherine Acey.

USA- New York

At the event, Mary Li, Astraea Board Chair, announced that Katherine Acey will take on a new role as Executive Director Emerita. After the event, Executive Director J. Bob Alotta said, “Katherine was a visionary leader of the Astraea Foundation for over 23 years. Clearly, she has been not only a source of strength, but a comedic reminder that we must bring joy into our lives in order accomplish our best work. It was incredible to step up to a podium in that light and behold the vast beauty of our community. Here we will find our greatest strength and joy.”

Bob expressed deep appreciation for the event and the energy in the room. She said, “The show of support was overwhelming! I so appreciated each and every person introducing themselves to me, asking questions and (already!) giving me feedback. We’re off to an outstanding start!”

Looking forward, Bob pledged to “lead Astraea with vigor, strength, character, integrity and humor. It’s an immeasurable opportunity to be asked to become a part of Astraea’s future—working for LGBTI human rights, movement building and social change. I am excited about joining Astraea’s exceptional team, but most of all, I look forward to working with all of you.”

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