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Call for new Advisory Board – Intersex Human Rights Fund

Published on Jan 27, 2020

The Intersex Human Rights Fund at the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice is recruiting passionate and committed intersex activists from all regions to join its Advisory Board!

The Intersex Human Rights Fund at the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice is recruiting passionate and committed intersex activists from all regions to join its Advisory Board!

We know there are increasingly more intersex activists who are doing excellent work and can contribute to the Intersex Human Rights Fund’s mission. We expect that when someone signs on as an advisor, they will meet the expectations and responsibilities highlighted above to ensure the Intersex Fund’s Advisory Board is serving the intersex grantee partners and the intersex movements to the best of their ability and capacity. 

About Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice is the only philanthropic organization working exclusively to advance LGBTQI human rights around the globe. We support grantee partners in the U.S. and internationally who challenge oppression and seed social change. We work for racial, economic, social, and gender justice, because we all deserve to live our lives freely, without fear, and with dignity.

About the Intersex Human Rights Fund

The first of its kind, the Intersex Human Rights Fund supports organizations, projects and campaigns led by intersex activists working to ensure the human rights, bodily autonomy, physical integrity and self-determination of intersex people worldwide. Launched in 2015, the Intersex Fund honors the resilience, creativity and growth of intersex activism and addresses the significant lack of funding for intersex issues by resourcing intersex-led activism, building the capacity of intersex groups, raising visibility, and driving resources to the intersex movement.

Astraea is proud to do this work in partnership with intersex activists and committed donor allies. We appreciate the generous support of seed donors Kobi Conaway and Andrew Owen, a leadership gift from the Arcus Foundation, and support from the Martina Fund and an anonymous donor.

Purpose of the Advisory Board

The Intersex Fund Advisory Board provides expertise and guidance to Astraea’s Intersex Human Rights Fund. 

In 2015, the Advisory Board was set up with the following members:

  1. Mauro Cabral (Argentina), Senior Advisor
  2. Morgan Carpenter (Australia)
  3. Hiker Chiu (Taiwan)
  4. Dan Christian Ghattas (Germany)
  5. Natasha Jimenez (Costa Rica)
  6. Nthabiseng Mokoena (South Africa)
  7. Sean Saifa Wall (US)

Board Membership

  1. The Intersex Fund’s Advisory Board members (“Advisors”)  should support Astraea’s mission and values and recognize the value of the Fund towards the human rights of intersex people.
  2. The Board should be intersex-led and comprised of intersex people.
  3. The Advisory Board should not exceed 7 members from the 6 regions of the world (Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America & Caribbean, North America and the Pacific), and should ensure diversity in terms of:
    • Expertise: in different areas related to the human rights of intersex people (legal, health and social justice)
    • Experience in areas such as grantmaking, monitoring and evaluation, communications, capacity-building, resource mobilization and movement-building
    • Knowledge about regional needs of intersex people
    • Gender and sexual identities, and 
    • Age

Membership on the board is in a volunteer capacity. 

Selection Procedure

  1. Advisors are chosen by the Astraea’s Director of Programs, in consultation with the Fund’s Program Officer and other Program Team members. 
  2. A call for nominations for candidates will be sent out every two years.
  3. Advisors can serve more than one term.
  4. Selection will be assessed on a number of criteria:
    • Candidates must be/have
      • Intersex
      • Available on average 3 – 7 hours a month for two years
      • Two or more years demonstrated commitment to advancing intersex people’s rights and intersex movement building
      • Two or more years demonstrated thematic or regional expertise with intersex people’s organizations / projects / initiatives working for intersex people’s rights, including time in a leadership role at a local, national, regional or global level
      • Functional spoken and written English language skills, with Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, French or Arabic desirable
      • Skills in areas such as movement building, monitoring and evaluation, capacity-building, facilitation and research.
    • Experience in any of the following will be further considered when selecting:
      • Fundraising experience, such as applying for or receiving grants from a donor or organizing fundraising activities
      • Grantmaking, international development (experience in grantmaking or monitoring and evaluation, and learning for intersex small or community-based groups highly desirable)
      • Communications experience (communication campaigns, writing blogs and op-eds, etc.).

Length of Membership Term

  1. All members of the Advisory Board will typically serve a two year renewable term of office and are invited to serve by Astraea’s Director of Programs in consultation with members of the Program Team and existing members of the Advisory Board. 
  2. The Senior Advisor will act as Chair of the Board and will be appointed in a similar manner. 
  3. Each advisor can resign from the Advisory Board by informing the Program Officer (Intersex Fund) by email.
  4. Astraea reserves the right to terminate an advisor’s mandate if:
    • The advisor does not participate, and/or
    • They do not reflect the mission and values of Astraea and the Intersex Fund.

Frequency of Meetings

  1. The Advisory Board shall meet physically or virtually via video call at least three times per year, typically September, January and May or as needed and agreed upon by all members and other participating stakeholders. The Senior Advisor chairs those meetings.
  2. If any member is unable to attend, they must inform the Program Officer.


  1. The responsibilities of the Advisory Board will be limited to recommending advice, expertise and recommendations to the Intersex Fund. The final decision on whether or not to act on the recommendations will rest with the Director of Programs / Intersex Fund Program Officer.
  2. The Advisory Board provides the Director of Programs and Program Officer with advice and support in the following two core areas: 
    1. Strategic Direction and Relevance of Fund
      • Advise on the overall strategy and direction of the Fund, particularly in terms of priorities for research, grantmaking, and engagement in general. This may also include advising with respect to external image, identity and positioning of the Fund.
      • Help establish and develop the Fund’s position, where appropriate and practical, within areas of practice that advisors have experience.
      • Inform important decisions and directions for the Fund through meaningful discussions.
      • Other questions of strategy and direction that might arise.
    1. External Representation 
      • Represent and promote the Intersex Human Rights Fund, internationally, regionally and nationally by communicating key strategic messages, creating awareness for existing and new program initiatives, and showcasing the Fund’s achievements.
      • Help the Intersex Fund achieve its vision by building new philanthropic partnerships and relationships.
      • When requested by Astraea, act as a spokesperson on behalf of the Fund.


  1. Advisory Board members shall receive a nominal honorarium of US$400 per year, in recognition of their contributions.

Contact details

Ruth Baldacchino
Senior Program Officer
Intersex Human Rights Fund 

How to apply:

Please review the requirements and criteria above, and if you are interested, submit a completed Intersex Human Rights Fund advisory board application form via the link below by no later than 6th March 2020.

Once we have reviewed your application, you will hear from us.