Intersex Russia

Intersex Russia was established in 2017 and is led by two young intersex activists.

Intersex Russia was established in 2017 and is led by two young intersex activists. The group’s mission is to provide accurate and positive representation of the intersex community in Russia, to raise awareness about the existence of intersex people and the issues that the intersex community faces, to make a strong stance for de-pathologization and de-medicalization of the lives of intersex people throughout all of our activities, and to, over time, create a strong network of intersex support groups across the country. Their motto is intersex people to intersex people for intersex people. Intersex Russia’s main constituency is intersex youth in Russia. They are working to eradicate intersex genital mutilation in Russia and in the future are hoping to introduce legal protections for intersex people concerning their rights, safety, recognition and integrity.

Association of Russian speaking Intersex people (ARSI)

ARSI was developed in 2013 to provide support for intersex people and share alternative non-discriminatory information about intersex to the public.

ARSI was founded in 2013 to provide support for intersex people, educate the general public about intersex, and introduce non-discriminatory approaches for working with intersex individuals to doctors, lawyers, teachers, and parents. The group consists of 5 intersex members who live in different regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. In addition to intersex people themselves, the group includes parents of intersex children and intersex people’s allies from Russia, Germany, and Canada. ARSI provides social and psychological support, legal consultations, and community support for Russian speaking intersex people. The organization seeks to reduce social isolation, increase access to information, and build community for intersex people in the post-Soviet Union region. ARSI is dedicated to creating greater awareness regarding intersex issues through its website and by building stronger relationships with local and international human rights organizations and health professionals. ARSI seeks funding to continue to provide direct support to intersex people, translate and disseminate intersex-related materials, advocacy work, conduct research on the lived experiences of intersex people in Russia and other post-Soviet Union countries.