Voices of Women in Western Kenya (VOWWEK)

Founded in 2012, Voices of Women in Western Kenya (VOWWEK) seeks to meet the needs and raise the voices of rural LBTI women. Their work aims to increase rural LBTI women’s access to justice, expand their access to sustainable livelihoods, and deepen their civic engagement in Governance and Leadership. VOWWEK uses broader women’s issues as an entry point for dialogue and relationship-building about LBTI issues in a very conservative and rural part of the country. VOWWEK is leading the charge to build rural women’s leadership to sensitize local government, police, chiefs and village elders, and to gradually change Norms and Attitudes about the humanity and rights of LBTI rural women. In addition to dialogue and relationship-building, VOWWEK is organizing a civic participation campaign for LBTI women in rural areas to exercise their right to vote.