Donate for Rocki’s Birthday!

Help raise $5,000 for the Astraea Foundation for Rocki's birthday!

Hello friends and fam and beautiful trouble makers and justice seekers!

This Scorpio is turning 50 on November 13.  I am truly excited to be half a century old and honored that I am reaching this milestone as part of the fabulous Astraea community.

Gonna keep this short and sweet.  I’d like to invite you to NOT come to my birthday party (there won’t be one), but to instead help me reach my birthday wish of raising 5K before the end of November for our beloved Astraea in honor of all of the people and work it supports all over the world.

How much are you willing to give to not have to attend a fundraising party in November in Minneapolis?  A lot, I bet.  A little is fine too.

I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the transformative power of community love.  You are part of that community.  From the bottom of my soon-to-be-50-year-old heart, I thank you.

I am because we are,
Rocki Simões 

P.S. We have the whole month of November to reach my birthday wish.  You don’t have to wait until my actual birthday to donate!