Astraea grantee partners work in some of the most difficult social and political contexts and require more than just money to thrive. Accompanying our grantee partners on their journeys toward social change, we work to ensure that the activists and organizations we support have what they need to build power, sustainability and resilience.

Astraea supports grantee partners to build their capacities and leadership by:

  • Providing hands-on support and advice in developing skills and strategies for advocacy, organizing, planning, evaluation, communications, and fundraising
  • Networking grantee partners across borders to forge cross-regional partnerships and develop shared agendas
  • Organizing programs like Media, Communications and Technology Labs where LGBTQI activists can share and learn secure, sustainable, and holistic media and communications strategies, strengthen digital security, build networks, and amplify their impact through the use of technology
  • Funding international convenings and providing travel support for grantee partners to participate in key movement spaces, such as the AWID Forum
  • Connecting grantee partners to allies and funders, and providing access to new spaces for advocacy, organizing, and networking
  • Offering capacity building funds to support organizational development needs and priorities