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Astraea 2015 Global Arts Fund Recipients

Creativity is essential to organizing. Activists boldly imagine new tactics, strategies and visions for a world we strive to bring into being. Cultural work and artistic expression are frequently powerful tools used by the most innovative people... [More]
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Introducing the Intersex Fund team at Astraea!

Astraea is excited to announce the new staff and international advisory board of intersex activists of the Intersex Human Rights Fund. The first of its kind, the Intersex Fund supports organizations, projects and timely campaigns led by intersex... [More]
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Astraea interview with Jean Hardisty and Surina Khan

Last year, Jean Hardisty and Surina Khan chatted about their relationship to LGBTQI activism, being an Astraea donor and their vision for the future. Read their inspring conversation below. Jean Hardisty                              Surina Khan [More]
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Reflections on Creating Change by mónica enríquez-enríquez

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Love is a Revolutionary Practice

Love is a Revolutionary Practice To love in these times is revolutionary. We are reminded, every day, how radical it is to truly love as we confront homophobic laws, violence and discrimination. As radical philanthropists, activists, organizers... [More]
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Astraea 2014 Highlights

This was another radical year for Astraea and the movement for LGBTQI justice. As we stand at the brink of 2015, these are some of our 2014 highlights. [More]
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The Out Fund for Lesbian & Gay Liberation of the Funding Exchange moves to Astraea

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice is honored to welcome the Out Fund for Lesbian & Gay Liberation of the Funding Exchange to our home of LGBTQI funds.  [More]
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Event at New York Public Library hosted by The Daily Beast and entitled, “Quorum: Global LGBT Voices,”will yield online talks, panels, and other resources highlighting the struggles and triumphs of LGBT people worldwide   [More]

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