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Black LGBTQI Futures Month: Achebe Powell

This #BlackHistoryMonth, we are celebrating #BlackLGBTQIFutures! The series will lift up the Black LGBTQI leaders who have been and continue to manifest powerful legacies for the next generation of queer, Black activists, artists, and changemakers around the world. We kick off our campaign with one of Astraea’s founding mothers, Achebe Powell! Achebe Powell is a Black, lesbian, feminist, social justice activist, & educator based in New York City in the U.S. She was among the founders of Astraea in 1977, which started out a small group of women created a multi-racial, multi-class, feminist foundation in order to address the lack of funding for women—specifically lesbians and women of color. Due to her visionary leadership in the early stages of the organization’s trajectory, Astraea has evolved to become a major leader in the global-social-justice-feminist LGBTQI movement for 45 years.