Senda Jebara

Program Officer for Europe, Central Asia, and Middle East/Southwest Asia
Montreal, Canada

Senda Ben Jebara

Senda Ben Jebara is a queer feminist from Tunisia, currently based in Montreal,QC, Canada. She has been involved in political organizing and in feminist and queer movements for the past 10 years. She sat on the board of 'Chouf' and 'Mawjoudin', two LGBTQI+ organizations based in Tunisia, and co-organized The International Feminist Art Festival - Chouftouhonna and the Mawjoudin Queer Film Festival. Senda is a firm believer in intersectionality and has been involved in several projects across the Middle East and North Africa focusing on LGBTQI+ rights as well as migrant and refugee rights. She worked with FRIDA - The Young Feminist Fund where she focused on online learning and in supporting young feminist organizing in South West Asia and the North Africa region and consulted with Article19 on LGBTQI+ research projects. She is passionate about cooking and discovering new cuisines.