The Intersex and Family Support Network

The Intersex and Family Support Network serves the families of intersex people, parents and babies, children, teenagers, and particularly intersex adults.

The Intersex and Family Support Network – Jacob(y) – Rede de Apoio à Pessoa Intersexo e Família – Jacob(y) – was created after Thais Emilia; mother of an intersex baby named Jacob, who needed to be brought to São Paulo to address a congenital heart problem, however, the child ended up dying. With the network, Thais sought out core teams of caregivers (doctors and psychologists) who had in common the defense and promotion of the physical and psychological integrity of intersex babies. From this network, it was possible to accept the demands of intersex people who were unaware of their access rights to health. Some request assistance because they had sequelae from non-consensual genital surgeries they suffered in the past, or even because they lived with rare diseases that had to come to centers with more health equipment. Most of them are sent to São Paulo (Brazil) to continue treatments with specialists. The visits were made in person or remotely, especially in the last seven months due to the pandemic. This network has a partnership with ABRAI and UNIFESP, especially psychologist Dr. Mariana Telles Silveira, endocrinologist Dr. Magnus R. Dias da Silva and pediatric surgeon Dr. Mila Torii.

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