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On Recent DACA News

Published on Sep 5, 2017

Rescinding DACA is part of a larger strategy to criminalize immigrant communities.

On Recent DACA News

Queer, trans and gender nonconforming migrants are on the frontlines of resistance against the multiple forms of violence aimed at LGBTQ and people of color communities in the United States. Rescinding DACA is part of a larger strategy to criminalize immigrant communities. Since last fall, the human rights and bodily autonomy of LGBTQ migrants, including trans migrants and other LGBTQ communities vulnerable to detention and the potentially life-threatening consequences of deportation, have come under increasing attack. LGBTQ people are deeply impacted by the DACA decision, which affects 75,000 LGBTQ youth.

Astraea understands that the issues faced by LGBTQ people are not exclusively based on misogyny, homophobia or transphobia – our communities face cumulative forms of discrimination based on multiple identities and systemic inequalities. We strengthen organizations and movements that acknowledge and fight these multiple barriers to self-determination. LGBTQ migrants live and work at the intersections of racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and classism. By funding grassroots organizations by and for LGBTQ migrants and migrant justice organizations with strong LGBTQ leadership, Astraea aims to build a strong base of LGBTQ migrant leaders and allies to hold back immigration enforcement and raise visibility around how LGBTQ migrants are affected by unjust immigration policies.

Join us to support organizations like Mijente and Trans Queer Pueblo who are on the frontlines defending queer, trans and gender diverse migrants:

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