At Power Rising, LBTQ Representation Mattered

Published on Mar 2, 2018

Black women are already pushing through racism and sexism, and some of us are pushing through homophobia and transphobia as well.

At Power Rising, LBTQ Representation Mattered
USA- Georgia- Atlanta

By Zakiya J. Lord, Regional Development and Engagement Officer

As far back as folks can recall, Black women have a history of leading, reaching back, seeking clarity, and uplifting and wanting the best for others. That being said, there is also the reputation of Black folks not always being so welcoming to out, open, unapologetic LBTQ folks, and that contradiction just is. True or untrue, that reputation exists.

But from the onset of the recent Power Rising Summit in Atlanta, there was mention of LBTQ folks by name, and notably, it was out of the mouths of leaders with “reverend” in their titles. This matters. There is power in visibility. There is power in intention. Although intention and impact are not the same when we are discussing harm, it is notable when discussing inclusion and efforts to get it right.

What was truly revolutionary about Power Rising—and what I’d like to see in all spaces moving forward—was that as it forged ahead, so did the inclusion of LBTQ women. Even the litany from the event raised up our voices…

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