International Women’’s Day –Astraea’’s Global Reach

Published on Mar 9, 2010

On International Women’s Day, Astraea’s global reach was featured on Feminist Teacher, the blog of board member Ileana Jiménez, who is a leader in the field of social justice education.  The post was picked up by Gender Across Borders as part of their International Women’’s Day coverage.  

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Justice is Sweet: Astraea’’s Funding the Fight for Queer People of Color

From Feminist Teacher

“Through the years, Astraea has become a major global women’’s fund that supports not only lesbian social change activism but also that of gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) groups throughout the world. This past year alone, with the support of donor partners, Astraea granted more than $2.2 million to 210 organizations and 21 individuals in 109 cities across 43 countries.

As a fourth-year board member, I am proud to be a part of Astraea’’s work in moving forward social, racial, economic and gender justice.  What sets Astraea apart from other foundations and what makes me excited to become a lifelong donor is its commitment to movement building and to queer people of color.”

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