Astraea Presents Justice in the Making, our 2008 Annual Report

Published on Mar 17, 2009

Astraea presents Justice in the Making, our 2008 Annual Report. It is an invitation to connect with a powerful network of donors, activists, artists and organizations working for human rights. In it we celebrate LGBTI activists who are changing the course of history around the world.

USA- New York

Our 30th Anniversary year was busy and fruitful. We awarded $2.2 million in grants to 198 organizations and 21 individuals in 47 countries–—representing a 20% increase over the previous year. We’’ve enhanced our systems and better harnessed the power of the web. We held two anniversary gala events, and a number of smaller events that introduced our work to new supporters across the country. Most importantly, we’’ve seen real progress in the fight for LGBTI justice.

As we strategize for the future, we pay tribute to those on whose shoulders we stand—–our Astraea family–—Founding Mothers, current and former board, staff and grants panelists, volunteers and committed grantee and donor partners. Each has helped Astraea become a global force for LGBTI human rights.

For more than thirty years, Astraea has been at the forefront, providing meaningful support to organizations that champion LGBTI communities–—often representing their first or only viable funding. In the times ahead, we continue to stand with our grantee partners. We stand with those who generously give of their time and resources in order to sustain this vital work of social change. And we stand with each of you.

We hope you see yourself reflected in this report. We certainly do.

Download 2008 Annual Report