Astraea Presents Justice in the Making: Astraea’’s 2009 Annual Report

Published on Mar 16, 2010

Astraea is proud to present Justice in the Making: Astraea’’s 2009 Annual Report. Its pages reflect the growing global reach of Astraea’’s network of donors, grantees and colleagues working tirelessly for LGBTI human rights and social, racial, economic and gender justice worldwide.

USA- New York

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In the last year with the support of our donor partners, Astraea granted more than $2.2 million to 210 organizations and 21 individuals in 109 cities across 43 countries around the world. In addition to supporting the leadership of promising new organizations and projects, Astraea has also invested considerable resources to sustain burgeoning movements. Two of these projects, the Consortium of Latin American Women’s Funds LBT Project and Astraea’s Multi-Year Movement-Building Initiative, are profiled in this report.

The past year brought both challenges and new opportunities. The nonprofit sector experienced a difficult economic year and some tough policy setbacks, and religious fundamentalists had a hand in hate-based legislation in Uganda and other countries. At the same time, we saw real progress in the fight for LGBTI human rights. From Ecuador to Serbia, constitutional protections for LGBTI people were enacted. Across the U.S., powerful films connecting personal stories to social justice issues influenced growing audiences, and trans and gender-non-conforming people secured policy victories against discrimination. Globally, LGBTI organizations advanced shared goals for gender and racial justice by making links with women’s and other social justice movements.

As we address multiple challenges with multiple strategies, let us remember to celebrate each other and the many victories along the way. This annual report is dedicated to you—–Astraea grantee and donor partners who give your time and resources so generously. Together we are sustaining this vital work for social change.


Download the Annual Report