Astraea Grantee Partners Featured in The Advocate

Published on Apr 26, 2010

Astraea grantee partners past and present were five of 40 leading activists featured in The Advocate’s “Forty Under 40.”  Kenyon Farrow of Queers for Economic Justice; Mia Mingus of SPARK Reproductive Justice; Frank Mugisha of Sexual Minorities Uganda; Dean Spade, founder of Sylvia Rivera Law Project; and Selly Thiam of None on Record (stories of queer Africa) joined other luminaries in this highlight of LGBTI leadership.

USA- New York

Forty Under 40

By Advocate Contributors

Bridging the age gap between Gen X and Gen Y, this year’s selection of young activists, artists, and other standouts is proof the qualities that make a leader are often innate—and that the gay movement is still in good hands.

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Kenyon Farrow

Mia Mingus

Frank Mugisha

Dean Spade

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