AFRITUDE Laboratorio Creativo Político

AFRITUDE Laboratorio Creativo Político is conceived as a space where the arts and activism are harmonized.

AFRITUDE Laboratorio Creativo Político (Creative Political Lab) is conceived as
a space where arts and activism are harmonized; a co-working safer
space/arts studio for interdisciplinary creation and community based
learning. We dream to become a space for art-led political discussion and
production rooted in struggle that informs and curates Afro-LBTQ messages
for social justice with a black feminist antiracist intersectional emphasis and
approach. AFRITUDE intends to use multiple art disciplines as tools to
produce social commentary through our testimonies and experiences as
black women, lesbians, bisexual, transgender and queer people of African
descent to challenge official-traditional narratives that invisibilize, silence and
oppress these identities in the Dominican Republic. Our artivism production
aimed to provoke conversation to fight and resist racism and colonialism
includes T-shirts, murals, photography, street art, graffiti, ad reclaiming-
intervention, canvas painting, poetry, street theater and audiovisual

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