4 News Stories You May Have Missed

Published on Nov 16, 2012

We bring you LGBTQI news stories that we’re reading & you might have otherwise missed. This month, we bring you a range of LGBTQI news from Pakistan, the U.S., Lebanon, and Germany.

USA- New York

Gay Pakistanis, Still in Shadows, Seek Acceptance
New York Times
November 3, 2012

Meghan Davidson Ladly reports on underground support networks for LGBT Pakistanis, including an Astraea grantee partner activist group here referred to as “O”.

Making It Better for Today’s LGBT and Questioning Youth
Huffington Post
October 24, 2012

James Lecesne reflects on the need to support LGBTQ youth dealing with bullying and homophobia, and finds inspiration from Astraea grantee partner Center for Artistic Revolution in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Oasis of Tolerance or ‘Republic of Shame’? Two Faces of Gay Life in Beirut
World News on NBC News
October 30, 2012

Shane Farrell examines discrimination and state violence against LGBT communities in Beirut, a longtime haven for gay men and lesbians in the region. Astraea grantee partner Helem sheds light on what lies beneath the city’s façade of tolerance.

LGBT housing project unites generations out in Berlin
The Guardian
October 28, 2012

A new west Berlin housing project, Europe’s first multi-generational house for LGBT residents, is creating unique, cross-generational community.