Stichting Nederlands Netwerk Intersekse/DSD (NNID)

NNID was founded in 2013 to focus on the non-medical issues and interests of people with an intersex condition/DSD. Its mission is to promote the recognition of sex as a continuum, without taboo and without social or medical stereotyping. The organization’s priorities include ending unnecessary medical surgeries and treatment, creating greater access to funding for intersex rights-related work, including intersex within education curricula, and changing the medical discourse. NNID works to advance the equal rights, emancipation and visibility of people with an intersex condition by convening stakeholders through a “participation board” and raising awareness through the media. The participation board brings together intersex patient groups, governmental institutions, LGBT advocacy groups, “knowledge institutions” and healthcare institutions to inform NNID’s advocacy to government. NNID is currently working to establish an Intersex/DSD Alliance that will create space for organizations to work together on projects to promote the human rights of intersex people and build the capacity of organizations in the process.