Women’s Health and Equal Rights Initiative (WHER)

WHER Initiative is a Nigerian feminist organization that brings together lesbian, bisexual and other sexual minority women from all over the country to collectively take action to advance and promote their rights and wellbeing. Their programs provide psychosocial support, economic empowerment and leadership development, and also focus outwards to build alliances with the women’s movement and other civil society sectors. They are also an actively engaged with advocacy to advance human rights for LGBTQ people in Nigeria, as a partner in the Solidarity Alliance for Human Rights, and the on African continent. WHER initiative’s Sister2Sister program builds and trains leaders across the country to provide counseling, peer support and coordinate local community networks in their respective cities. This kind of mental health support goes hand in hand with their financial empowerment workshops, consciousness raising community ‘edu-tainment’ activities and human rights trainings.