Terms of Reference: Consultant to Conduct Field Research of Women’s & LBTIQ Organizations in the Caribbean

The MATCH Fund and Astraea are seeking to engage with partners and representatives from women’s organizations and LGBTIQ groups from around the Caribbean to develop and expand the thinking around the program, including how the WVL (Caribbean) program can respond to the priorities of groups in the region.


Women’s Voice & Leadership (Caribbean) is a five year initiative for the region supported by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada (GAC). The initiative is being implemented by The MATCH International Women’s Fund (The MATCH Fund), Canada’s sole global fund for women, girls, and transgender people, in partnership with the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice (Astraea), the only philanthropic organization working exclusively to advance LGBTIQ human rights around the world. The two organizations share a rich history, one deeply embedded in feminist and human rights movements the world over. For forty years, both organizations have been exclusively investing in grassroots organizations advancing their own solutions to improve women’s human rights in their own contexts.

In the spirit of collective ownership and shared building, The MATCH Fund and Astraea are seeking to engage with partners and representatives from women’s organizations and LGBTIQ groups from around the region to develop and expand the thinking around the program, including how the WVL (Caribbean) program can respond to the priorities of groups in the region. In addition, we seek to explore the funding landscape in the region and start some strategizing about the long-term sustainability of funding feminist organizing and movement building in the region.

Proposed Consultancy

We seek a consultant based in the Caribbean to further develop the exploratory phase of this initiative, who will:

  • Carry out desk research reviewing existing research and documentation;
  • Conduct interviews with Women’s Rights and LBTIQ activists in 5 – 7 countries to identify their priorities, giving particular attention to class, age, ethnicity, religion, rural/urban and other dynamics;
  • Conduct survey of Women’s Rights and LBTIQ organisations in the region.
  • Gather input and recommendations from women’s rights and LBTIQ activists and allies in the Caribbean to guide the programs potential structure and priorities;
  • Map the funding landscape for Women’s Rights and LBTIQ activism in the Caribbean to identify geographic and thematic trends and gaps, based on existing funding data and targeted funder outreach;
  • Present findings at an activist convening to discuss and envision the proposed program.

Skills and Qualifications Sought

  • English required, French & Spanish are a plus;
  • Based and Working in the Caribbean;
  • Strong Communications & Writing Skills;
  • Experience in design, implementation and analysis of data;
  • Experience working with civil society organizations in the Caribbean, ideally with Women’s and LBTIQ activists and groups;
  • Proven experience communicating and working with grassroots organizations and with diverse communities, including LBTIQ communities;
  • Highly efficient and flexible approach to work, with ease in collaborating with others;
  • Strong intersectional politics and demonstrated commitment to gender, racial, economic and global justice.


  • Applications are due May 27th 2019.
  • The consultant will be hired by June 1st 2019.
  • The consultancy will begin by June 3rd 2019.
  • The convening will take place at the end of June 2019 (exact location TBC).
  • The scan, mappings and recommendations will be completed by the end of July 2019.


The consultant will be hired and supervised by The MATCH Fund and work in close collaboration with Astraea.


  • Desk Review, which will include a review of (surveys, reports, general statistics, mappings, scoping studies, proposals); literature related to social justice particularly for Women’s Rights and LBTIQ advocates within region.
  • Survey & semi-structured interviews:
    • Conduct interviews with key regional or in-country advocates from Women’s Rights and LBTIQ advocacy organizations and allied human rights organizations;
    • Conduct interviews with regional donors and funding agencies and other relevant development partners working in the region.
  • Written Report:
    • Deliver a written report, approximately 15-20 pages in length with explanation of findings, recommendations, statement of methodology, and appendices (not included in page count) as needed;
    • Strategic Recommendations and an outline of proposed next steps for Astraea and The MATCH Fund should include:
      • Women’s Rights Organizations & LBTIQ Funding Needs and Priorities in the Region;
      • Initial priorities and geographic mandate with a focus on strategic advocacy opportunities;
      • Grant-making, capacity-building, and other programmatic and thematic approaches;
      • Values and principles and opportunities for Feminist Movement Building;
      • The feasibility of a longer-term funding mechanism

Time Frame: June – July 2019

To Apply

  • Interested consultants should submit a CV and a cover letter that includes the following:
  • Why you are interested in the consultancy, including relevant experience
  • Your rates and estimated costs
  • Your proposed approach to the work, including contacts and networks you would draw on
  • Availability

Applications should be submitted to recruitment@matchinternational.org by May 27th 2019.

Apply for the job

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