Daunasia Yancey

As a Black femme lesbian, sexual health educator, strategist and organizer, Daunasia Yancey exemplifies the best of Boston. She has spent her life advocating for the vital resources that underrepresented communities need.

Daunasia has been organizing locally since age 13, but her passion quickly grew into a full fledged commitment while working for the Boston Alliance of LGBT Youth (BAGLY), Fenway Health and for the Boston LGBT Adolescent Social Services (GLASS).

Working as a strategist, Daunasia has successfully served on the Board of Directors for both BAGLY and the National Youth Advocacy Coalition (NYAC). Daunasia’s work has been featured in the documentary, Secret Survivors, (2012) and she has been honored with the Colin Higgins Foundation’s National Youth Courage Award (2011) and the Fenway Health Trailblazers Award (2014).

Most recently, Daunasia has responded to the international call to action of the Black Lives Matter movement, organizing direct actions, community building opportunities, and leading the fight for Black liberation, in Boston and beyond. She is currently taking time off from pursuing an (expensive) degree in Public Health while continuing to change the world.