Sean Saifa Wall

Sean Saifa Wall is an artist, activist and writer. He is the founder of EMERGE, a project that increases social impact through visual artistry, which is the compilation of his life’s work that is grounded in community encompassing both his activist and creative contributions. He originally hails from the Bronx, but has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, before settling in Atlanta, Georgia where he calls home. Saifa has been published in Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation, Trans Bodies, Trans Selves and most recently, Untold Stories: Life, Love and Reproduction. He has been featured in the documentary, One in 2000, and has been a guest on Huffington Post Live and ABC News Nightline. In furthering his mission to increase the capacity of people to understand intersex issues and advocate, he was selected to present at the TEDxConference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Nthabiseng Mokoena

Nthabiseng Mokoena has been involved with intersex and trans* activism since 2011. From 2011-2012, she was the board member for Transgender and Intersex Africa (TIA), a South African organization working to advance and advocate for the rights of transgender and intersex persons in South African rural areas and townships. She became the advocacy coordinator for TIA in 2013 and 2014. She is currently the Regional Training and Capacity Strengthening Officer for the AIDS and Rights Alliance of Southern and East Africa. As an intersex person herself, Nthabiseng is currently involved in various intersex related activities in Southern Africa, such as capacity development of community based intersex groups, support group development and research. She is currently completing her Masters in Public Health.

Natasha Jiménez

Natasha Jiménez is from Costa Rica and has been a trans and intersex activist for over 20 years. She is currently the General Coordinator for Mulabi in Costa Rica, which hosts the Intersex Secretariat for ILGA (the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association). She has been active at the LGBTTTI Coalition of the OAS and has done advocacy work at the UN denouncing violations of the rights of trans and intersex people in Latin America. She started her activism doing HIV/AIDS and STI prevention and care, and has been active in feminist, women’s and LGBT movements in Latin America. She has also been part of publications including “What is the Point of a Revolution if I Can’t Dance” by Jane Barry and Jelena Dordevic, “Interdicciones” by Mauro Cabral, and “INTER/ Experiencia Humana Intersexual en un mundo de dos sexos” by Elisa Barth, Ben Bӧttger, Dan Chistian Ghattas and Ina Shneider.

Dan Christian Ghattas

Dr. Dan Christian Ghattas is an intersex activist and cultural scientist who has worked for intersex human rights in Europe and internationally since 2009. He is invited regularly as an expert on intersex issues at high-level policy events in Europe and has trained European NGOs on intersex issues. In 2013 Dan published the first empirical (pre-)study on the life situations of intersex individuals worldwide, covering 12 countries and most continents. He was one of the initiators of the 1st International Intersex Forum in 2011 and co-founded OII Europe in 2012.

Hiker Chiu

Hiker Chiu is the founder of Oii-Chinese since 2008. Oii-Chinese is a platform for Chinese-speaking intersex people to get information, awareness, connection and peer support, and an intersex human rights advocacy organization. Hiker Chiu was the first person to come out as intersex in Taiwan, initiating the “Global Free Hugs with Intersex Movement” in the 8th Taipei Pride Parade 2010. The only Asian delegate in the first and second World Intersex Forums held by ILGA, Hiker is devoted to work building intersex connections in Asia. Hiker is a PhD. candidate of the Graduate school of Human Sexuality Shu-Te University in Taiwan.

Morgan Carpenter

Morgan Carpenter is a social policy and technology policy researcher, intersex activist, and president of OII Australia, a national organization that promotes human rights and bodily autonomy for intersex people. Morgan engages in advocacy work at local, national and international levels, and has helped to secure intersex-inclusive national anti-discrimination legislation and a world-first Parliamentary report into intersex health and human rights. Morgan has been widely published and speaks internationally on intersex issues.