2009 Annual Report

On nearly every continent, in myriad languages and cultures, astraea grantee partners are seizing opportunities and laying the groundwork for lgbti people to live freely and safely. Astraea donor and grantee partners work for a world where justice is a fact, not a fight. Our grants programs, especially our multi-year and multi-issue grants, enable activists to build strategic and sustainable alli- ances over the long term.

2008 Annual Report

Right now Astraea grantees are fighting for LGBTI and human rights in democratic countries as well as in some of the most oppressive regimes on the planet. They are creating community for queer people living in isolation and fear. They are giving voice to survivors of abuse and harassment through art and culture. Although separated by language and continents, these activists share the same goal of creating a world free from racism, sexism, homophobia and gender oppression. We marvel at their heroism and smart strategies.

2007 Annual Report

Each day from our office in Union Square, we at Astraea have an extraordinary view. Where some may see hallways lined with boxes of grant applications, we see the promise of justice. Stacks of contribution envelopes? We see Justice In the Making. We see Astraea’s brave and tenacious grantees—and the committed donor partners who support them—literally changing the course of history.