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Annual Report

In 2012, Astraea demonstrated resourcefulness, situated amidst dynamic political landscapes. We witnessed complex shifts in conversations on LGBTQI human rights. From Argentina’s landmark Gender Identity Law to the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to tackle the subject of same-sex marriage, major civil rights achievements paralleled expanding infrastructure for LGBTQI issues. Years of pioneering efforts by our grantee partners gained visibility on broad political levels, while Astraea carved new paths as a leader in philanthropic advocacy, thoughtfully fueled by the values that have carried us for 35 incredible years.

This annual report offers a view of Astraea’s year in partnership with 113 organizations and 16 individuals around the globe—among them, activists, artists, and community leaders. In 2012, we continued to bring integrity and solidarity to shared conversations on LGBTQI social justice and philanthropy, emboldening a multidimensional vision of collective action and freedom.

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