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International Trans Fund

Calling trans activists! The International Trans Fund (ITF) is excited to announce three opportunities to get involved in the ITF. We are recruiting two full-time staff positions, a director and a program officer. We are also seeking members to join our Steering Committee and Grantmaking Panel. Deadline 9 December!

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According to 340 trans organisations surveyed by the American Jewish World Service and Global Action for Trans Equality in 2013, more than 50% of trans groups operated on an annual budget of less than USD10,000, almost two-thirds said they had no resources, and trans-led organisations were even less likely to receive foundation funding. To address this disparity, a group of international trans activists and donors have come together to create the first International Trans Fund.

Mission + Purpose of the ITF

The working mission of the Fund is to create sustainable resources for strong, trans - led movements and collective action, and to address – and ideally eliminate – funding gaps impacting on trans groups across the globe.

The intended purpose of the Trans Fund is to:

  1. Build and sustain a mechanism to support trans-led groups of different sizes working on a range of issues at the international, regional, country, and local levels, with a particular emphasis on smaller groups and/or groups with access to fewer resources.
  2. Increase resources and enhance access to resources to support trans movements (including financial resources dedicated to trans-led organisations and groups through grant making; access to non-financial resources for trans organisations, such as skills building, organisational strengthening, and activist support; and increasing access to other and new donors).
  3. Educate our peers in the philanthropic community on trans issues and influence other funders and strategic allies in trans-related investments and strategies.

Who We Are

The creation of the International Trans Fund is being led by an Interim Steering Committee (iSC) consisting of trans activists and funders from regions around the world. The development of the Fund is supported by the Global Philanthropy Project and funders including the American Jewish World Service, Arcus Foundation, the Levi Strauss Foundation, Open Society Foundation and an Anonymous Donor. The ITF is also supported by the Mexican government.

Our Guiding Principles 

Shared values are critical to the development of the Fund. The interim Steering Committee has developed a set of principles to guide their work:

  • The Trans Fund is audacious. We take calculated risks, break down barriers, and embrace new initiatives inspired by our communities.
  • We believe in working together to create a world where all people are valued, respected, and celebrated.
  • We hold self-determination as a core value. Trans leadership, decision making and power are critical to the Fund. We believe trans people are creative and resilient, and fully capable of creating, improving, and sustaining their communities and movements. The Trans Fund is part of the broader human rights and social justice communities.
  • We come from multiple places, histories, experiences, politics, and identities. We value the diversity of trans movements (including gender identity, bodily autonomy, gender expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, geography, age, disability, religion, class/socioeconomic status), and respect and honour our differences.
  • We value the wellbeing, safety, security, and sustainability of trans activists and movements, and strive to do no harm. We believe trans people should be equitably compensated for their expertise and labour.
  • We respect each other, acknowledging we have different levels of power and privilege. We work together with integrity and hold ourselves accountable to trans movements.
  • We strive to be transparent in our work while protecting the safety and confidentiality of activists and organizations.
  • We are responsive to trans communities, and believe the Fund’s responses must be flexible and accessible to meet the needs of trans movements.
  • We treat each other with kindness, humor, and best intent. 

For More Information

Contact Steering Committee Co-Chairs Masen Davis ( or Amaranta Gómez Regalado (