What We Do

Philanthropic Advocacy

ASTRAEA IS SHAPING THE NEXT WAVES OF PHILANTHROPY Our reach extends beyond direct grantmaking. A core tenet of our work includes leveraging resources and opportunities where they are most needed to abolish the inequities LGBTQI people experience around the world. Astraea engages in education, advocacy and collaboration to build a strong, cohesive, well-informed community of grantees, donors and funders. We work to build relationships among social justice agents to increase our shared resources and knowledge.


Philanthropic Initiatives & Partnerships:

Global Philanthropy Project
Funders and philanthropic advisors working collectively to expand financial resources to support LGBTI human rights.
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LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund
Catalyzing change, growing leadership, and expanding how we measure progress for LGBTQ communities of color in the United States.
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Funding Queerly Giving Circle
Mobilizing financial resources in support of organizing work by and for marginalized LGBTQI communities.
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International Trans* Fund
Resourcing Trans* Movements Worldwide.
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Position Statements:

Astraea has prepared a position statement on Gender Justice and Sex Worker Organizing in support of Astraea’s consistency and to encourage funding to organizations and projects based on harm reduction models led by LGBTI people involved in the sex trade, and to organizations that include sex work in their economic and gender justice organizing.