What We Do

Grants in Action

FOR OVER 3O YEARS, the Astraea Foundation for Justice has cultivated several hundred LGBTI activist human rights and social change agent organizations, artists and arts organizations across the US and around the globe.

Among the top ten LGBTQ grantmakers in the US and in the Global South and East, Astraea is fueling social change and cultural transformation by reinforcing the political leadership of lesbians, women, transgender people and people of color. In the 2011 fiscal year, Astraea awarded $1.5 million in grants to groups and individuals in 36 countries. At Astraea, grantmaking is paired with a deep commitment to active philanthropic education, advocacy and collaboration. Deeply nestled in a rich network of change-makers, connecting communities, on-the-ground activists and artists inspiring change, Astraea's impact is historical, profound and far-reaching.