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Astraea is often among the first—if not the first—funder of emerging, cutting-edge LGBTQI organizations and activists who are fueling a powerful grassroots movement across the globe.

We provide flexible, general support grants that enable our grantee partners to pursue their own visions, and we commit to long-term partnerships because we know social change doesn’t happen overnight. Our grants instigate change in a range of political climates using innovative, culturally appropriate strategies, tools, networks, and technology.

We prioritize support for those sectors of our movement that have the least access to financial resources, including lesbian-led groups, groups led by trans* and intersex activists, groups led by LGBTQI people of color, and groups based in rural or other geographic areas where isolation and safety issues present barriers to visibility and community organizing.

Several themes emerge as common priorities among our grantee partners. We recognize that these themes are crosscutting—for example, anti-criminalization in the United States is a racial justice issue, just as transgender access to health care is an economic justice issue. Astraea seeks to connect our grantee partners across borders so they can share knowledge, break isolation and build movements.

For information about how to apply for a grant from Astraea, please visit the Apply for a Grant section of our website.

Anti-Criminalization and Freedom from Violence

Astraea supports organizations that resist the criminalization of LGBTQI lives and fight for systemic change. They are addressing violence including hate violence, family and intimate-partner violence, and institutional violence in the form of laws that criminalize consensual sex between same-sex adults, cross-dressing, or sex work.

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Arts and Cultural Activism

Astraea reinforces the power of art as a tool for social change by funding and promoting the gripping works of visual artists, writers, poets, and arts organizations dedicated to LGBTQI human rights. These bold, brave, and truthful voices are challenging, inspiring and connecting individuals, issues and communities.

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Economic Justice

Astraea supports organizations advancing economic justice for LGBTQI people and communities. Specific focus areas include securing employment protections; creating livelihood opportunities; addressing unemployment, homelessness, welfare discrimination and broader economic inequities.

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Racial Justice

Astraea invests in LGBTQI people of color organizations – including those from migrant communities, indigenous/first nations/two-spirit communities and communities living under occupation – working to advance racial justice and eliminate oppression through measurable structural, policy or cultural change.

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Trans* Human Rights

Astraea supports organizations committed to securing human rights protections for trans* and gender non-conforming people, including, but not limited to: securing access to comprehensive healthcare, ensuring the right to change gender markers on legal documents, and addressing violence and discrimination.

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Hubs and Networks

Astraea’s community[S5]  offers a unique opportunity to connect grantee partners and keep resources flowing around the globe. We fund groups that train, connect and convene other LGBTQI organizations to break isolation, share resources and strategies, and build movements.

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Anti-Discrimination Protections

Astraea supports organizations demanding legal and lived equality for LGBTQI people around the globe. Our partners are fighting for family rights and equality in health, education and other areas.

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