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Funding Queerly now accepting proposals for next grant cycle

Nov 29, 2017 | Category: Press

Nov 29, 2017—Proposals are due by January 13, 2017.

Download the application here. 


The Funding Queerly Giving Circle is a group of young donors who believe that small-budget LGBTQI groups lack the funding resources they need to organize, build power and leadership, and make positive sustainable change. In addition, we recognize that even larger funding gaps persist for groups led by and for people of color, indigenous, low-income, and rural communities. We believe that these groups – those most affected by injustice and with the least access to financial resources – are best positioned to make a positive impact on their own lives and the wider social justice movement. Recognizing this opportunity, we were inspired to act. We give personally, raise money, and mobilize resources for communities where the funds are most needed and best used.

Over the last three years, Funding Queerly has partnered with the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice (a multi-gendered, multi-racial, multi-identity public foundation that provides critical support to LGBTQI communities around the world) to grant $550,000+ to small-budget LGBTQI groups throughout the United States. In this grant cycle, Funding Queerly will continue to allocate unrestricted funds to groups doing community-organizing work with people of color and other under-resourced communities. In addition, this year we are designating $100,000 or 50% of our funding, whichever is greater, to organizations that are by and for Black and undocumented immigrant communities. We intentionally and explicitly pledge this support because we believe that liberation for Black and undocumented immigrant communities is essential to the liberation of all people.

Download the application here and visit our website for more information.