Apply for a Grant

Apply for a Grant

Grant Applications and Due Dates

LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund
International Fund
Global LGBTI Human Rights Partnership
U.S. Fund
(solamente para organizaciones en los EEUU)
Margot Karle Scholarship Fund
Global Arts Fund

Due Dates are for receipt of applications at the Astraea office.


LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice is proud to announce a new Letter of Inquiry for the LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund .

The Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, the Ford Foundation, the Arcus Foundation and an anonymous donor are implementing the first LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund (The Fund). The LGBTQ Racial Justice Fund is a collaborative philanthropic initiative that aims to develop and strengthen a strategic and effective advocacy sector addressing the needs of LGBTQ communities of color. Priorities of the Fund have been informed by a range of stakeholders. The Fund will support efforts to drive structural, policy and cultural change that ensure core public institutions are welcoming and capable of serving diverse LGBTQ populations.

Deadline for proposals: March 3, 2014
Click here to download LOI
Please direct inquiries about this LOI to:


International Fund

Astraea’s International Fund supports groups, projects, or organizations working towards progressive social change which are led by lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) communities and directly address oppression based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity/expression.

Our online LOI submission site for the International Fund is now active. Please review our criteria and priorities for funding. Click here to submit an LOI in English.

El Fondo Internacional de Astraea apoya grupos, proyectos, u organizaciones que trabajan para un cambio social progresista y que estén liderados por comunidades lésbicas, gáis, bisexuales, transgénero, e intersex (LGBTI) y que abordan directamente la opresión basada en orientación sexual y/o identidad/expresión de género.

Nuestra aplicación en línea para el Fondo Internacional estará activa a partir de Abril de este año. Por favor repase los criterios y prioridades de financiamiento. Haga click aquí para llenar un formulario de aplicación en español.

Global LGBTI Human Rights Partnership

In September 2012, Astraea and the US Agency for International Development (USAID) launched the Global LGBTI Human Rights Partnership, an unprecedented initiative toward the attainment, enforcement and implementation of human rights for LGBTI people. We are currently accepting Letters of Interest from LGBTI groups in the following countries: Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kenya, Peru, South Africa, and Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo and Serbia).

Deadline for LOIs: March 3, 2014
Download Guidelines and LOI Form in English here

Asociación Global para los DDHH LGBTI

En Septiembre del 2012, Astraea, Fundación Lesbica por la Justicia y la Agencia de los Estados Unidos ara el Desarrollo Internacional (USAID) lanzaron la Asociación Global para los DDHH LGBTI, una iniciativa sin precedentes para el logro, la ejecución y la aplicación de los derechos humanos. Astraea solicita formularios de pre-solicitud de las organizaciones locales LGBTI en los siguientes países: Colombia, Ecuador, Honduras, India, Kenia, Perú, Sudáfrica, Países Balcánicos (Albania, Bosnia y Herzegovina, Kosovo, y Serbia).

Fecha de entrega del formulario: 3 de marzo de 2014
Guías y Formulario en Español aqui

U.S. General Fund

(solamente para organizaciones en los EEUU)

For Lesbian, Trans , Intersex and LGBTI social change organizations and projects (including film, video, media and cultural projects) that directly address the depth and complexity of critical issues in LGBTI communities.
We will be announcing the application process and due date for this fund as soon as they are available.


Margot Karle Scholarship Fund

The Margot Karle Scholarship was founded in 1995 to honor the life of Margot, who as a lesbian attorney and the Director of New York's Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, made significant contributions to the struggle for human rights. The Margot Karle Scholarship Fund supports undergraduate women who show a deep commitment to their communities through activism and volunteering.

Astraea will not be awarding a Margot Karle Scholarship Award in fiscal year 2013. Since 1995, we have awarded grants totaling almost $15,000 to women at eight CUNY schools.


Astraea's revitalized Global Arts Fund will support, showcase, and connect impactful art by LGBTQI people and organizations with limited access to resources, who use art as a tool for social transformation. Supporting the arts across mediums and disciplines, the fund will consider submissions, requested through a nomination process, in many artistic expressions: video, film, poetry, fictional prose, photography, painting, performance, dance, theater, music and other interdisciplinary expressions.

The intended 2013 Global Arts Fund theme is migration, transit, and movement experienced by marginalized LGBTQI communities in the U.S. and Global East and Global South in the face of exploitations wrought by globalization, imperialism, and neocolonialism.