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Apply for a Grant

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Astraea supports lesbian, trans*, intersex and LGBTQI groups that promote racial, economic and gender justice and mobilize communities to challenge oppression and claim rights. We fund groups in the United States, primarily led by LGBTQI people of color, and groups across the globe. We strengthen LGBTQI groups by providing flexible general support grants ranging from $5,000 to $30,000 per year. We build long-term partnerships with organizations because we know that social change takes time.

Astraea is a public foundation that raises funds every year for our grantmaking activities. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide grants to all groups that meet our criteria. We make decisions based on our values and priorities, as well as an analysis of the funding landscape to determine where Astraea's support can be most impactful.


Astraea's International Fund supports groups led by LGBTQI communities working for progressive social change, addressing oppression based on sexual orientation and/or gender identity and expression, and advancing work for racial, economic and gender justice.

Astraea makes grants in our International Fund in two cycles per year. Groups are welcome to submit a letter of interest (LOI) at any time. To be considered for a grant, please review our criteria and priorities to make sure you are eligible. Then click here to download and submit an LOI. 

Please note: The Astraea Foundation receives many worthy submissions from eligible LGBTQI groups every year. We work hard to raise funds for our grants, but ultimately our resources are limited and we are only able to award grants to a small number of organizations. Additionally, submissions take up to three months to process after the submission deadline. Please take all of this into consideration before applying. 

To be considered for June 2017 cycle, submit an LOI by January 31, 2017.

To be considered for our December 2017 cycle, submit an LOI by July 1, 2017.


Astraea's U.S. Fund strategically directs grants to organizations that advance LGBTQ racial and economic justice. Reflecting priorities identified by the movements we support, we highlight the themes of anti-criminalization and immigration as key racial and economic justice issues facing LGBTQ communities today.

Our anti-criminalization strategy is to support LGBTQ community organizations led by the people most affected by systems of oppression--people of color, youth and sex workers--that are fighting laws, policies and practices that criminalize LGBTQ people's lives, dignity and livelihoods. This includes work on policing and prison abolition. Our migrant justice strategy is to support LGBTQ immigrant rights organizing that builds a strong base of LGBTQ immigrant leaders and allies, fights harsh immigration enforcement policies, and increases visibility of the impact of the criminalization of LGBTQ immigrants. We are currently not accepting unsolicited proposals for these funding strategies. 

Astraea also houses the Funding Queerly Giving Circle, a donor circle that makes grants to small LGBTQI community organizing groups across the United States. The Circle particularly supports the leadership and organizing by and for communities of color, indigenous communities, low-income communities, and/or rural communities. Funding Queerly recently closed its fourth grantmaking cycle and will announce the next open call in late 2017.


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The Intersex Human Rights Fund was launched in 2015 to honor the resilience, creativity and growth of intersex activism and to ensure the human rights of intersex people. We support organizations, projects and timely campaigns led by intersex activists working to ensure the human rights, bodily autonomy, physical integrity and self-determination of intersex people. Given the dearth of funding to intersex issues globally, intersex groups/projects based anywhere in the world are eligible to apply. We are currently not accepting submissions for the Intersex Fund. 


Astraea's Global Arts Fund supports, showcases and connects impactful art by LGBTQI people and organizations that are using art as a tool for social transformation and have limited access to resources for this critical work. Through a nomination process that engages Astraea grantee partners and community members, we consider submissions across mediums and disciplines, including video, film, poetry, fictional prose, photography, painting, performance, dance, theater, music and other interdisciplinary expressions. This cycle’s theme seeks artistic interrogations and explorations of the construct, concept & culture of Blackness. We’re currently not accepting any submissions for this year’s cycle.