Philanthropic Advocacy

Global Philanthropy Project

Funders and philanthropic advisors working collectively to focus on expanding global philanthropy to support the human rights of LGBTQI people.

A project of the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, the Global Philanthropy's Project's mission is to support the human rights of LGBT people by expanding financial resources and deepening knowledge. The Project was established in 2009 to increase funding for human rights of LGBT people globally, and that same year a Coordinating Committee was seated to provide leadership and guidance to the GPP in its formative stages.

GPP focuses on building the knowledge, skills and capacity of GPP members and other funders to enhance their effectiveness as grantmakers, and to increase the number of funders and amount of funding available across sectors to support LGBT issues globally. Coordinating Committee members include representatives from the Arcus Foundation, Astraea Foundation, The Atlantic Philanthropies, Dreilinden gGmbH, Ford Foundation, Hivos, Open Society Foundations, and others.