The Solution

Take Action

Fuel a global campaign for LGBTQI rights. Fueling the Frontlines, a three year, $20 million campaign led by Astraea Foundation, will propel the work and priorities of a LGBTQI global movement; forge coalitions across issues and borders; and fuel justice for and acceptance of LGBTQI people everywhere. We will do this through:

Supporting LGBTQI Movement Building

Provide grant funding, research, collective action, information sharing, skill building, and leadership development.

This will fuel LGBTQI organizations and activists working in some of the most challenging environments.

Enhancing Investment in LGBTQI Rights

Expose the LGBTQI funding gaps and collaborate with funders who share our vision of global human rights.

This will dramatically expand available philanthropic resources.

Shifting Discriminatory Attitudes and Behaviors

Leverage media and communications networks – our own and that of our grantee partners.

This will amplify LGBTQI voices, spark nuanced conversation, shift cultural and social attitudes, and take down barriers to LGBTQI rights.

Astraea has never been in a stronger position to lead this campaign. For over 36 years, Astraea has supported LGBTQI movements to create a more just world. We understand the power of stories, and engage transformative tools like the arts, media, and technology to amplify the voices that need it most. Over the decades, our staff has met the challenges facing our communities with a bold vision, multi-faceted resources, and a thoughtful intentionality—work that laid the foundations for this moment.

Currently, we work in partnership with 141 grantee partners in 35 countries. We get resources safely to the people who need it most across the globe.

Fueling the Frontlines will accelerate Astraea’s results. By 2016, we will...

  • Win LGBTQI rights – locally, regionally, and internationally – including addressing the needs of LGBTQI communities of color.
  • Connect, strengthen and amplify the power of inclusive LGBTQI movements across issues and borders.
  • Increase access to non-discriminatory services like healthcare, safety and family protections.
  • Boost the number of powerhouse LGBTQI advocates who participate openly in local politics and run for elected office.
  • Create a shared understanding, expectation and commitment to LGBTQI rights and protections.