U.S. Fund

Astraea’s U.S. Fund supports organizations led by LGBTQ people of color working to advance racial and economic justice. Reflecting movement priorities, our current grantmaking focuses largely on the themes of anti-criminalization and migrant justice.

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The longest-standing fund at Astraea, our U.S. Fund provides grants to LGBTQ people of color-led organizations fighting for racial and economic justice. Reflecting priorities identified by the movements we support, we highlight the themes of anti-criminalization and migrant justice as key racial and economic justice issues facing LGBTQ communities today.

Our anti-criminalization funding supports LGBTQ groups led by people most affected by systems of oppression–people of color, youth and sex workers–who are fighting laws, policies and practices that criminalize LGBTQ people’s lives, dignity and livelihoods. This includes work on policing and prison abolition. Deeply tied to criminalization, our migrant justice strategy bolsters LGBTQ migrant organizing to build a strong base of LGBTQ migrant leaders and allies, fight harsh immigration enforcement policies, and increase visibility of the impact of the criminalization of LGBTQ immigrants.

How to Apply: We are currently not accepting unsolicited proposals for the U.S. Fund.